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Color Restoration to Brighten Things Up

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They fade, they wear, and they lose their natural appearance. Hand knotted vegetable dye rugs may be a wise investment, and something you happen to love, but they can really show their age after a while.

One of the most important parts of the rug restoration process is color restoration.

If not done properly, you can see where color restoration fails and falls short. If you work with trusted professionals, such as us, you can be sure that the color restoration will be carried out correctly and you will be left with a rug that looks as it should.

Color fading is not uncommon, even with the highest-quality rug. It can happen from something as simple as the sun hitting the rug through the window each and every day. The results are a faded rug that just doesn’t have that same look anymore.

Brighten Things Up Again

Color restoration is actually a rather extensive process.

That’s why we are the professionals you want to trust to for the job. We can work through all of the color matching work, and then come up with the necessary formula to restore your rug and bring it back to life.

We can help match the color and ensure that fading is a thing of the past.

So before you assume that your rug is history, see what a little color restoration can do for you. You can bring life back to your room and enjoy your rug for years to come.

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