Rug Patching

Patching to Make It All New Again

Though you may do your best to fight it, there will come the time when your amazing rug gets an unsightly rip or tear.  

It can be nearly devastating for some people because they’ve spent so much money on the rug to highlight their room. However when you know that you can trust specialists such as us, there’s no need to worry. 

Some companies may tell you that your rip or tear is beyond repair—not us. We can fix any sort of damage and handle the necessary patching work to do so. It’s not always easy, but then again that’s why you want to trust your patching needs to a partner like us that has years of experience. 

We Can Repair the Damage

We can work through any damage that has been inflicted on your rug. Whether the dog got a hold of a corner of the rug or everyday wear and tear eventually wreaked havoc on your rug, we can help. If you don’t handle patching properly, the restoration effort can be evident and downright messy. 

When you want to get your rug back to its normal state and get it looking beautiful again, then you can’t possibly put your trust into anybody else. We are the company that can help you to get the patching done and get the beautiful look and feel of your rug back in no time.