Rug Binding

Binding Needed for Every Rug

Even with the best intentions, your beautiful rug can get damaged in your home. 

The biggest difference between a rug and carpeting is that a rug is not attached to the floor in any way. This means that you get to move it to wherever you want. 

It also means that the wear and tear comes on more easily and can be more damaging. One thing that many people need help with when it comes to restoring their rugs is to have some binding work done. 

Even the most ornate of rugs can tear, rip, and come apart at the seams. We will help you to evaluate what sort of binding work is required and work quickly to get the job done. It may seem like a lost cause, but the truth is that even the most beat up rug can be restored and enjoyed again for years to come.

Trust it to the Experts

There are plenty of options out there between other companies and DIY options. If you try one of these, you may very well find that they do more harm than good. You’d hate to spend a lot and then find that the result is not what you want.

Binding is a very common process, but it’s important that you leave it up to the experts. With proper binding, we can help you to close up any gaps and repair any tears that may have occurred. We will come out to your home, evaluate the damage, and work through the binding process quickly and effortlessly.