Organic Cleaning

Naturally the best

At New York’s Green Rug Cleaners, we know the harsh, toxic chemicals often used in cleaning rugs and carpets are far from healthy for the environment. And they’re bad for you, your family and our employees, too. 

That’s why we set out to find the safest and most effective organic rug cleaning solutions in NY to use in totally organic cleaning of rugs and carpets. After testing and researching the products we found to make sure they were effective and safe both to human health as well as a rug’s health, we incorporated them into our cleaning processes.

Green is beautiful

The products we use at Green Rug Cleaners are only those made from non-toxic natural products that contain no harmful detergents or chemicals and are environmentally safe. And they’re just as effective as the caustic cleaners they replace.

Eliminating harm, reducing impact

At Green Rug Cleaners, our environmental responsibility doesn’t stop at simply not causing harm to the environment. We also strive to reduce our impact on the environment, too. Our organic rug and carpet cleaning uses steam when needed and incorporates low-flow water and extraction processes along with our green cleaning products.

Working together for a better tomorrow

When it comes to NY organic rug cleaning, at Green Rug Cleaners we know we all share the same earth, and as corporate citizens, we do what we can to promote environmentally responsible products and processes and encourage our clients to choose chemical-free, biodegradable cleaning products for their own homes.