Rug Backing

Backing That Rug Up

Every rug, no matter how costly has backing to it. This is what helps protect it and keep it in place.

Because rugs move around, need some type of backing. There are various types but they are all meant to serve the same purpose.

Without a proper backing, your rug is subject to scratching and will never stay in place.

So whether you need new backing or simply want to repair the one you have, you should leave it to the experts like us.

This may not seem like an important thing, but without proper attention you may end up with a backing that doesn’t stand the test of time. We are can help you evaluate which backing will work best for your rug and for your space.

Taking the Time to Do it Right

We will evaluate your rug, your use of it, and the environment that it’s used within. We do the hard work and ensure you are provided with the right attention.

We will fit your rug with the type and fit of backing that works best for it. This will ensure the rug stays in place, stays protected, and also protects the floor beneath it. All you have to do is call us and you will quickly find that you are left with results that really work.