Rug Repair & Restoration

Never Have to Say Goodbye to that Rug that You Love

You put great effort into picking out the rug that works best for your home. We are here to ensure that it lives up to its full potential. 

Rugs are a necessary expense for our home, but one that can quickly become overwhelming. So when you invest in that perfect rug, you want to preserve it for as long as you can.

That’s where we come in!

We have the expertise and the right touch to take care of your rugs and ensure that you get to enjoy them for as long as possible. We take the time to work with you, provide the best possible care for your rug, and do it all in the most professional manner possible. 

Rug repair and restoration is one of your specialties and we’ve been doing it for years. We are the company that you can count on to bring that beloved rug back to life and ensure that it stays with you for years to come. 
We have the tools, the expertise, and the know how to repair or restore any rug.

Fixes Big or Small

There are many things that can go wrong with a rug. A simple snag here, a rip or tear there, and no matter how minor it may seem you still need expertise to fix it. This is where it really pays off to turn to an expert. 
We’ve been in the rug business for years, and can offer insight and expertise that other companies can’t. 

We come to your home, take a thorough look at the rug and the problem with it, and then talk through the repair with you. We become a partner to you in the process until your rug is brought back to the shape that you want it to be. 
You’ll never have to throw that rug out again—we can help and bring it back to life!