Rug Mothproofing

Mothproofing to Keep the Pests Away

Moths can be terrible pests and really wreak havoc on your home. This is especially true when it comes to older or antique objects.

When it comes to rugs, the fact is that they are always subject to moths. Though most of us dont like to think about it, we may have moths already in our homes just waiting to take a nibble at our favorite family piece.

Dont let this happenlet us carry out a mothproofing process and protect that beautiful rug for years to come.

Let Us Help You Keep the Bugs Away

We have the technology and the tools to protect that rug and ensure that these little insects dont ruin it.

This is a simple process, but does involve the proper expertise. We can offer everything that you need. With a bit of work at our end, you will be left with a rug that can stand the test of time and be protected from even the peskiest and most aggressive bugs.

So dont worry about that rug getting ruined by moths. Let our mothproofing process protect it, so you can keep it in the family for generations to come.