Rug Hand Serging
Hand Serging as a Big Process in the Rug World

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When you purchased that gorgeous rug, you probably didn’t even realize all of the quality measures that went into making it.

When you look at something like an oriental rug, there are many things in place to protect the quality and the integrity of the rug itself. One such measure that many people aren’t aware of is serging.

This is a protective overwrap that sits over the sides of the rug. It protects it and keeps it looking brand new. Over time, even the highest-quality and most protected rug can lose its luster and the serging can tend to wear.

We can help you with this, as hand serging is something that we specialize in. This is an important part of rug restoration and requires careful attention to detail.

Repairing the Damage

Hand serging means actually sewing the overwrap that has come undone. This will help restore the rug and protect the quality of it. Though much damage can occur over time, without proper attention, we can come in and get the job done.

Hand serging is a process that is usually carried out by hand because the overwrap needs to be put back precisely. You want to know that the company you hire has experience in this area of restoration and correctly handle this protective measure. You will get years of life out of your rug once you take this step, and we are the experts that can help you.

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