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Prized for its beauty and luxurious feel for thousands of years, silk is no longer a fabric just for royalty, but can be found in homes and businesses throughout New York.

And regular care and organic cleaning from the NY Silk rug cleaning specialists at Green Rug Cleaners can help keep your rugs beautiful for generations.

Silk’s delicate beauty

As beautiful as it is, silk can be just as delicate, easy to stain and prone to weakening when it gets wet. Without regular care and cleaning, tears and holes can easily develop.

The best silk rug cleaning in NY starts with a thorough inspection to spot any damage and determine the type of dirt and stain involved. After that, the next step in organically cleaning your rug is a special green dry-cleaning process that uses a natural, non-chemical, and biodegradable cleaning solution.  

Reversing the effects of time

If damage is found during our inspection of your rug, we’ll let you know and make recommendations for its repair. Green Rug Cleaner’s textile technicians and staff weavers are the best to be found in New York or anywhere for that matter.

New York’s Green Rug Cleaners can repair:

Worn areas

Missing fringes and corners

Damaged backing

Pet, water and mildew damage

Tears and holes

And we can remove odors, repair or replace binding and padding, restore your rug’s shape, and much more, including Scotchgard protection and mothproofing.

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