Antique Rug Cleaning & Repair

Growing more beautiful with age

Regardless of their origin or materials used, a carpet of 60 years or older falls into the category of Antique rugs.

At Green Rug Cleaners, the NY Antique rug cleaning specialists, we know there’s no organic cleaning solution that’s right for all Antique rugs, but have the expertise and experience needed to clean any type of material and to repair any type of weave.

Your rug’s fountain of youth

At Green Rug Cleaners, we take pride in restoring the full beauty of your Antique rug with superior organic cleaning services. Your rug is first examined by one of our textile specialists to identify the type of dirt and stains and if there is damage that might need repair.

Next, it’s dusted before being hand-washed in a bath of carefully selected non-toxic, organic and biodegradable cleansers. 

Finally your Antique rug is carefully spread out in an environmentally controlled room with just the right temperature and humidity maintained to ensure proper drying.

Abracadabra … restore!

When repairs are needed to restore your Antique rug, we like to think our restoration specialists and weavers here at New York’s Green Rug Cleaners are something of magicians, able to handle just about any problem:

Large holes, rips and tears

Missing fringes, missing corners


Pet damage

Damage from moths, water and more

Our services can also fix problems with your rug’s shape, backing, padding, and binding as well as providing Scotchgard and mothballing protection.