Handmade Rug Cleaning & Repair

Treasures dear to the heart

At New York’s Green Rug Cleaners, we know how incredibly special handmade rugs can be to their owners. With a wide variety of materials and weaving techniques, we also know that cleaning Handmade rugs can present unique challenges.

With the best Handmade rug cleaning in NY, our staff treats every Handmade rug as it’s the most important we’ve ever cleaned to assure it is cleaned thoroughly and safely.

The right mix

The first step in organically cleaning your handmade rug is a thorough examination by a Green Rug Cleaner specialist to spot discoloration, broken strands, wear, and other damage as well to determine what types of dirt and stain are involved.

Next, we select the right cleaning product or combination of product and process for your rug’s particular needs. All of our cleaning solutions are non-toxic, organic and biodegradable. Our organic cleaning processes range from hand cleaning to a specialized dry-cleaning process that uses a completely natural green solution.

Handmade and hand restored

If repairs are needed, Green Rug Cleaners are not only the NY Handmade rug cleaning specialists, but the repair and restoration specialists as well and can recommend how best to make those repairs. With some of New York’s most skilled rug restoration specialists and weavers, we can meet any repair challenge, including;

Missing fringes



Missing Corners


Color fading

Pet damage

In addition, the professionals at Green Rug Cleaners can repair damage from moths, water and mildew, restore your rug’s shape and lay, and protect it with Scotchgard protection and mothballing.