Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair

Enduring beauty through the ages

While their name implies they are rugs that come from the Orient, Oriental rugs actually come from a variety of different countries across Asia and usually bear names of the regions in which they were made. At Green Rug Cleaners, we take pride in being the foremost name in Oriental rug cleaning in NY.

Dirt and grime can’t hide 

At Green Rug Cleaners, the first step in organically cleaning your Oriental rug is a thorough inspection to determine the type of dirt and stains we’re dealing with as well as any pre-existing tears, fading, wear or other damage.

Next, it is immersed in a gentle and natural mineral bath. Finally, your Oriental rug is cleaned using one of two processes, either a green dry cleaning process that uses natural and biodegradable cleaning solutions or a gentle water extraction process.

What’s old is new again

When damage is found, we’re not only the name to turn to when it comes to NY Oriental rug cleaning services, we take pride in being New York’s finest rug restoration specialists make recommendations on how best to repair it. Using a variety of both old and new techniques, including reweaving damaged areas if necessary, rugs can often be restored to like new condition.

Green Rug Cleaners expertise includes repairing:

Damage from moths and pets as well as water and mildew

Damage from wear, including holes

Rips, tears, fraying