Persian Rug Cleaning & Repair

A legacy through the generations

With their origins in Iran, Persian rugs are still hand-woven thread by threads they have been for countless generations. And whether you admire the beauty of a Persian rug on the floor or as a wall hanging, Green Rug Cleaners can ensure its beauty will endure for generations with the superb care and best organic Persian rug cleaning in NY.

We’re dirt and grime’s worse enemy

The first step in organically cleaning your Persian rug at Green Rug Cleaners is a thorough examination to identify the type of dirt and stains and to spot any damage or problems.

Next, your rug is carefully spread out, and carefully hand scrubbed with mild, biodegradable, organic cleaners.

After a cold-water rinse in distilled water, your Persian rug is placed into a soak of natural cleansers selected for your rug’s specific needs, with jets gently circulating the solution. Finally, there’s another cold water rinse before your rug goes to an environmentally controlled room to properly dry. 

The name to know in restoration 

Not only do we pride ourselves in providing the best NY Persian rug cleaning services, we’re pros when it comes to Oriental rug restoration as well. Using the latest restoration techniques as well as tried and true time honored methods, our specialists and weavers make repairs that include:

Missing corners and missing fringes

Moth damage

Damage from pets

Worn areas, holes, tears

Water damage

In addition, Green Rug Cleaners offers mothballing and Scotchgard protection services. And we can help restore your rug’s shape and address problems with backing, binding and padding.