Turkish Rug Cleaning & Repair

Beautiful and enduring

First woven by herdsmen for warmth and utilitarian use as ten curtains, Turkish rugs have long been admired for their beauty. And to help retain that beauty, you’ll find no more professional and expert Turkish rug cleaning in NY than the organic cleaning services of New York’s Green Rug Cleaners. 

The two sides of wool

With the inside of a wool fiber absorbing moisture and the outside repelling it, cleaning Turkish rugs can present unique challenges. Turkish rugs may also incorporate cotton to produce more intricate designs as well as silk on occasion

At Green Rug Cleaners, the first step in cleaning your Turkish rug is a close inspection to discover the type of dirt and stains and to spot damage that might need repair.

The flip side of cleaning

Because most Turkish rugs have a flat surface from a tight weave, cleaning them requires special care to maintain the surface integrity. First, your rug is placed in a bath of natural conditioning minerals that completely permeates wool and other fibers. 

Next, the team at Green Rug Cleaners carefully cleans one side of your Turkish rug at a time using completely natural and biodegradable products. 

A rinse in low PH distilled water is the final step before your rug is taken to an environmentally controlled room for proper drying.

When good isn’t good enough

With one of New York’s most knowledgeable staffs skilled in Turkish rug repair and restoration techniques, Green Rug Cleaners can help with even the most difficult repair problems:

Moths, pets, mildew, water

Worn and fading areas

Rips and tears

Holes and missing corners

Rugs that have lost their shape and lay

The NY Turkish rug cleaning and repair pros at Green Rug Cleaners also can correct problems related to backing, binding, and padding as well as offering Scotchgard and mothproofing services.